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Mask Assistance

If you need a mask, please let us know

We have veterans and volunteers creating masks day and night to help cover people in need. If you or someone you know needs a mask, please register below.

 Make a personally significant donation, no matter how big or small to help cover cost of shipping and materials.

Make a $50 donation per mask, and we will send you a mask AND a first responder or heath care provider.

Register for your mask:

This type of mask is a homemade cloth face covering recommended by CDC. All other CDC recommendations should be followed because a cloth covering alone cannot prevent you from getting Covid-19. To see more about how to stay safe, read the CDC recommendations 

Our Manifesto
Why we do what we do

Many of our courageous soldiers have experienced the gamble between life and death. And for those who survive, there’s the weight of overwhelming guilt. And isolation. We remind our veterans that they don’t have to stand alone.

Watch Our Manifesto

They fought for our freedom.

Now you can fight for theirs.

Our combat veterans made unthinkable sacrifices for the simple freedoms we enjoy every day. Now, it’s their turn to enjoy those freedoms. Through hunting, fishing, and surrounding veterans with people who care, we’re fighting for something too many of our American Heroes haven’t felt in a long time… Hope.

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