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Flint tip archery

July, 2020 2 day Tournament

Thank you!

Thanks to the participants, supporters and friends, this event was amazing! Every year you make it better, so we can't thank you all enough! Be sure to scroll below to see all the great photos.

Thanks You Flint Tip Archery!

Thanks Flint Tip Archery Range for one of our best Mission Outdoors events to date! What an honor and inspiration it was to serve our combat vets + active duty and their families.

Contact Shannon at to learn more how you can help. Needs help with words here.

Our Manifesto
Why we do what we do

Many of our courageous soldiers have experienced the gamble between life and death. And for those who survive, there’s the weight of overwhelming guilt. And isolation. We remind our veterans that they don’t have to stand alone.

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They fought for our freedom.

Now you can fight for theirs.

Our combat veterans made unthinkable sacrifices for the simple freedoms we enjoy every day. Now, it’s their turn to enjoy those freedoms. Through hunting, fishing, and surrounding veterans with people who care, we’re fighting for something too many of our American Heroes haven’t felt in a long time… Hope.

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