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WA tuna classic

AUGUST 13 - 14, 2021
Westport Washington

Tournament Rules

Updated January 16, 2020 It’s the most important part of every tournament. Each participanthould take the time to read and understand the tournament’s format, entry & rules before the Captain’s meeting on registration day. Have questions? Contact Us.

1 - General Rules

Registration opens January 7th, 2021

A complete set of final rules will be sent to the teams threw email before the tournament. 

Teams are competing to catch the five heaviest albacore tuna during tournament hours.

It is the sole responsibility of the participating captain, crew and angler(s) to obtain a copy, read, know, understand and abide by the tournament rules, including, but not limited to, any final instructions that may be announced during the Captains Meeting Email. Rules are subject to change. By entering the event all participants agree to accept the rules of the tournament and accept all decisions made by the Board of Directors (Board) of The Washington Tuna Classic as final.

It is the sole responsibility of the captain and crew to obtain and possess all required licenses and or permits to fish in the tournament.

No team, during fishing hours, may be involved in the handing off or receiving of anything from another vessel whether that vessel is entered in the tournament or not. In the event of an emergency in which the personal safety of someone or property is at risk this rule does not apply and any action necessary can be taken to protect or preserve life or property.

Contestants agree to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times. Breaches of integrity can result in ejection and forfeiture of prizes as well as banishment from participation in future events.

A Tournament Rules Judge will be designated and announced at the Captains meeting.

Any and all disputes, protests, claims both in writing and verbal arising out of, or in relation to any event associated with the WTC shall be decided by the Board and shall be final and binding.

By vote of the Board, rules may be changed any time as necessary and all decisions will be final.

2 - Captains Meeting

The Captains Meeting video will cover safety briefing. It is recommended that the captain and all crew members view the Captains Meeting video. If they do not view, they automatically accept and agree to be bound by the instructions given at the meeting.

All anglers including the Captain must sign and return a Liability Waiver prior to participating in the event. 

The official event starting time will be confirmed, and or changed on the Captains Meeting Email. The location of the start/finish line can be found on the Captains Card given out with captains bucket and will also be confirmed and or changed in the final Captains Meeting email. Each team must be across the pre-determined finish line by 6:00pm. The WTC Board reserves the right to change and or cancel the starting time and or ending time, if in its opinion, there is a possible threat of safety due to weather, ocean conditions or anything they deem too dangerous to have teams compete safely in the WTC Event.

The official VHF frequency will be confirmed, and or determined at the Captains Meeting email. It is recommended that all teams monitor the USCG, (on VHF ch16), frequency as well as any Event specific frequency that will assure the best means of safety from other sport and commercial vessels.

3 - Team Entry

Tournament Non-Business Entry includes:  

(Edited on August 6, 2021)

WTC 2021 participants will be limited to frozen bait only. 

All bait used during the tournament will be sourced from Westport Seafood. You will receive one 22 lb. box of bait and can purchase additional if desired at $25.00/ box. Pick-up time for frozen bait will be emailed with the final captain's video/email. 

All boats will be required to complete a bait tank inspection Saturday morning prior to the event. Times/location will be emailed with the final captain's video/email.  

Any boat using live bait during the 2021 WTC will be disqualified.  

All boat fish boxes, totes, and fish bags are subject to inspection.

Free shaved ice, up to 800 pounds per team available starting at 10 on the Friday before game day. Left over ice is free to participating teams.

Captains Bucket (qty 1) various items include vendor gifts, snacks, bottled water, sponsor brochures, etc.

Note: The following registration-sponsorships only apply to businesses that do not already have a paid sponsor relationship with the WTC. 


WTC Business Team Registrations

WTC Business Team Registrations have three possible levels.

  1.  Corporate - This is the first and main level of the Business Team
    Registrations and covers the main corporate sponsor and their first entry into the WTC.
  2. Secondary Corporate - This level of sponsorship only occurs after a Corporate Business Team Registration has been established and is secondary in name to the primary corporate registration.

Corporate Team Primary & Secondary Registrations include the following:

All of the Non-Business Team items listed above

Team entry of six anglers including six shirts

One large banner inside event tent (supplied by sponsoring team)

Inclusion of videos or promotional slides in presentations (supplied by sponsoring team)

Billing Example:

ABC Corp is going to sponsor a total of three teams.

Team 1 – Team ABC Corp, The Letter Guys, Primary Business Team

Team 2 – Team ABC Corp, The Bean Counters, Secondary Business Team

Team 3 – Team ABC Corp, The Others, Secondary Business Team

Total Billing, $1,500 + $500 + $500 = $2,500

Sole Proprietor/ Small Company Registration

This level of sponsorship is designed for small businesses / sole proprietors who wish to sponsor a team. 

Sole Proprietor/Small Company Registration includes the following:

All of the Non-Business Team items listed above

Team entry of six anglers including six shirts

One small banner inside event tent, (provided by sponsor)

With this sponsorship policy in mind, no team names will be allowed that contain any business name unless they are part of one of the above listed Business Team Registrations or have a prior paid sponsorship in place with the WTC.

Registrations must be in seven (14) days prior to the event or a late registration fee of $100 will be assessed.

No team is considered officially "registered" until their team entry fee has been collected by the WTC.

4 - Team Rules

A team consists of four (4) anglers, but you may have six (6) anglers on the boat fishing. Veterans are exempt from this rule. You may have as many Veterans as you may safely transport in addition to your six angler team. Charter captains and crew along with non-fishing media members are also exempt from crew/angler count with advance WTC approval.

Each team must fly the WTC Tournament Flag so as to be visible from another boat or a land based check in station or check point, preferably on the starboard side of your vessel/boat.

Any team tournament vessel/boat or crew changes must be finalized with WTC Staff no later than the end of the Captains Meeting.

5 - Prizes, Side Bets & Payouts

Cash Rewards are based on the following:

Heaviest 5 fish.........$1,500
2nd Heaviest 5 fish....$750
3rd Heaviest 5 fish.....$500

Main Pot Tie Breaker: 
 If there is a tie weight for any of the main pots, the following rules shall be applied to determine the winner of the tie. The largest fish weighed on the teams with a tie will be the winning team. If there is a tie with the first heaviest fish, the tie breaker will then move to the second heaviest and so on until the tie is broken. If there is a tie with all five entered fish a coin flip will be done with the captain having the lowest team number choosing the call or allowing it to be deferred to the other captain.

Side bets are the following:

Double Down Jackpot  (entry $300 per team) 50% of the pot total will be paid out to those who elect to participate in this pot. If there is a tie, the main pot tie-breaker rule will be applied.

Largest Fish Jackpot (entry $100 per team) 50% of the pot total will be paid out for the heaviest fish, that will also include the below described pelagic fish, not just albacore. If entered in the Largest Fish Jackpot and your entry in this pot is a pelagic, you may retain said fish after a thorough physical inspection by WTC volunteers.

In case of a tie in the Largest Fish Jackpot, the tiebreaker will be the first fish weighed according to the official scorekeeper at the weigh in station.

Pelagic Jackpot (entry is $100 per team)  50% of the pot total will be paid out to the team weighing the heaviest Pelagic if entered in this pot.

Fish eligible for Pelagic prizes in the WTC are, Yellow Tail, Opah, Mahi Mahi/Dorado, Blue fin or Yellow fin Tuna

If entered in the Pelagic Pot, any pelagic fish caught may be entered as part of your catch for the five fish weight pot purpose, but you may retain the fish once weighed if desired.

Any pelagic fish weighed for tournament purposes will be subject to inspection and possible cleaning by WTC Staff to insure quality control.

In case of a tie, the Largest Fish tie-breaker rule will be applied.

Most Fish Donated Jackpot (entry is $100 per team)  50% of the pot total will be paid to the Team that donates the most total fish to the event. In case of a tie, the Largest Fish tie-breaker rule will be applied. Only fish caught and turned in on Saturday will count in the Main Event Most Fish Pot, fish and turned in during the Friday Big Fish Friday Pot will not count.

Pee Wee Jackpot (entry is $100 per team) 50% of the pot total will be paid out. Your Pee Wee entry does not count towards your five tournament fish unless you want it to. In case of a tie, the Largest Fish tie-breaker rule will be applied.

Big Fish Friday (entry is $100 per team) 50% of the pot total will be paid out to the Team that turns in the heaviest fish at Float 6 by the derby weigh station on the Friday before the Main Event. The entry must be paid before pre-fishing on Friday either during your on-line registration or a time to be determined on Thursday afternoon/evening at a location to be determined during the event week. The winner will be announced during the main awards banquet Saturday evening. If there is a tie, the first heaviest fish turned in will be the winner.

Prize payouts will be made via certified mail after all fish have passed inspection by our processor 5-7 days after the event.

All winners will be required to fill out IRS Form W-9, request for taxpayer ID, if your prize exceeds a value of $600. You will be required to provide a photo ID at the time of turning in the W-9 to verify said information. A W-9 for a business can be used as well as long as a copy of the business license is provided at the same time the W-9 is turned over to the WTC.

One additional drawing ticket will be provided for each fish turned in. Fish drawing ticket vouchers will be distributed at the fish drop off area on Float 6 after said fish are counted and turned over to WTC volunteers.  You can exchange this voucher for extra fish tickets at the banquet.

The drawing will be held at the awards banquet and prizes will be given away by drawn tickets.  You must be present to win.

6 - Returning to Port & Fish Check In

All teams must be across the pre-determined finish line and must check in via the pre-assigned VHF frequency at or before 6:00pm.

No team may check in unless they have crossed the finish line.  MMSI GPS transmissions may be required to confirm said location at time of check-in.

Any team that either does not check in or does not cross the finish line before 6:00pm will not qualify for the cash pots, but may still donate their fish to the WTC and earn drawing tickets for each fish turned in, as long as they have dropped off their fish by the end of the boardwalk weigh-in.

Each team weighing in fish must have the Team Captain or a Team Representative sign the official Boardwalk Weigh-In Scorecard. Failure to sign the official Boardwalk Weigh-in Scorecard will result in team disqualification. There are no exceptions.

Fish must be whole, but fully bled and no warmer than 50 degrees internal temp upon arrival to the boardwalk weigh-in area. The fish will be weighed to the two hundredths of a pound, (.02 .04 .06 etc.).  It is the sole responsibility of each team to provide one person to be with the fish for weigh-in purposes.

All weighed fish will become the property of the WTC, unless there is a provision in the rules to allow the retention of said fish. (Pelagic Pot Fish)

Any fish determined to not have been bled or iced properly at the boardwalk weigh-in area, will be disqualified from the official team weight, and no substitutions will be allowed. Any fish deemed to have been modified with anything foreign introduced, will lead to Team disqualification and forfeiture of all prizes and or awards.  This also includes post event inspections done by our fish processor to insure quality and attempts of any tampering.

7 - Food Drive

Due to covid-19 restrictions, we cannot take food donations in 2021. 

8 - Fishing Equipment and OWC rules and information

All teams shall be required to fish following WDFW regulations.

OWC Tournament Information:  The WTC team that is nominated to represent the WTC at next year's OWC Tournament is responsible for paying their own entry, transportation, permits and other fees related to participating in the OWC Tournament.

WTC OWC Nomination Process: The winning team of the WTC has first right of refusal to represent and attend the next OWC Tournament. In case the winning team chooses to not exercise this option, the second place team shall be given the right to attend the OWC Tournament. If the second place team chooses to not attend the next OWC Tournament, the right shall than be given to the third place team. If the third place team chooses to not exercise this option, there shall be no WTC team representative at the next OWC Tournament.

If the first place team does not choose to fish the OWC, at least one member of the winning team must be included in any other team that does represent the WTC at the next OWC Tournament, (this is a OWC policy).

9 - Fishing Event Cancellation

Cancellations...If the event does not fish due to rough ocean conditions the WTC committee will make the announcement after the 3:00pm NOAA update on Friday prior to the fishing portion of the event. Team participation is by captains' choice. Each team member is responsible for their choice to fish the event or not due to weather or any other concerns.

If the main fishing event is canceled due to weather, the banquet will still happen as will the raffles and prizes.

10 - Extra Event Shirt Info.

Additional event t-shirts can be purchased for any team and family members desired. To insure your extra team and family members get the shirts they want, you should be sure to include your extra shirt orders in your team signup/registration. 

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