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WA tuna classic

AUGUST 5 - 6, 2022
Westport Washington


We want to thank you all for being patient while we try to navigate the 2022 WTC through COVID-19. In response to the COVID-19, precautions and state restrictions will be in place. Because of this we are required to make a few changes to withhold the state mandate. 

Captains Meeting Video 2022

Will be posted before tournament.

March 2, 2022

  1. Saturday night banquet is on!
  2. Cash Winners will be given check at ceremony
    1st Place $10,000
    2nd Place 5,000
    3rd Place 2,500
  3. Side pots 50% payout

Contact for any details, comments or questions. 

Our Manifesto
Why we do what we do

Many of our courageous soldiers have experienced the gamble between life and death. And for those who survive, there’s the weight of overwhelming guilt. And isolation. We remind our veterans that they don’t have to stand alone.

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