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WA tuna classic

AUGUST 14 - 15, 2020
Westport Washington


Thanks to all who came out to support our combat veterans at this great event! We hope to see you all next year!

Main Event

1st Team: FAT CAT-LARRY JOHNSON 126.53lbs
2nd Team: LILLIAN V-JEFF HULSE 113.06lbs
3rd Team: A TEAM-BO PALMER 111.95 lbs

Most Donated:

1st Team: 
2nd Team: 
3rd Team: 

Biggest Fish:

1st Team: 
2nd Team: 
3rd Team: 

Double Down:

1st Team: 
2nd Team: 
3rd Team: 

Pee Wee:

1st Team: 
2nd Team: 
3rd Team: 

Big Fish Friday:

1st Team: 
2nd Team: 
3rd Team: 

Pelagic Pot:

2017 carry over $6,250
2018 27 teams entered total $2,700 50% pay out $1,350
2019 pot $7,600

Total weigh for weighed fish is:



  1. Fat Cat - Larry Johnson: 126.53lbs
  2. Lillian V - Jeff Hulse: 113.06lbs
  3. A Team - Bo Palmer: 111.95lbs
  4. Tuna Dipper - Brian Whitehouse : 107.42lbs
  5. All Rivers & Saltwater - Herb Guttler:
  6. Team Mojo - Larry Linney:
  7. Defiance Usual Suspects  -Tommy Donlin: 96.82
  8. Pursuit - Kenny Wren: 94.43lbs
  9. Mad Salmon: 94.26lbs
  10. Thrasher - Jason Champion: 93.76lbs
  11. Uitilander - Jason Noorlander: 93.14lbs
  12. Team Twtc - Patrick Walker: 91.83lbs
  13. Ice Melter - Benjamin Nussbaum: 91.02lbs
  14. Ilwaco Tuna Club - John Thiel: 89.92lbs
  15. Custon Plus: 86.54lbs
  16. Team Raymarine - Norm Smith: 85.48lbs
  17. Team Zufish - James Zuluaga: 84.34lbs
  18. Rajun Cajun - Pete: 83.01lbs
  19. Messing Around - Mathew Messing: 82.37lbs
  20. Reel Therapy - Dustin Greene: 82.18lbs
  21. Prestige Worldwide - Janson Takayoshi: 79.90lbs
  22. Accurate Reels: 79.39lbs
  23. Team Amydog - Mike Crosby: 78.42lbs
  24. Reel Lies - Bryan Ducommun: 77.04lbs
  25. Salt Shaker - David Bailey: 76.22lbs
  26. Gooch Larue - Chris Holmes: 74.86lbs
  27. Fish Ching - Chris Ching: 74.43lbs
  28. Walsh Boys - Steve Schneider: 74.16lbs
  29. Team Leavitate - Bob Klontz: 73.67lbs
  30. Go Cougs - Robbie Tobeck: 73.58lbs

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Many of our courageous soldiers have experienced the gamble between life and death. And for those who survive, there’s the weight of overwhelming guilt. And isolation. We remind our veterans that they don’t have to stand alone.

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