“Mission Outdoors is about saving lives. It’s about giving vets a purpose and something to look forward to. It’s about helping them see that it’s not all about what they’re dealing with today, but about looking forward to tomorrow.”
—Matt, combat veteran


“The opportunity that mission outdoors afforded me to attend the Washington Tuna Classic has been immeasurable. The experience of the fast action of tuna fishing, the adrenaline rush, most importantly the comradeship developed with other veterans.

“Before finding mission outdoors I was lost. Stuck in my own head and in life. Having the opportunity to get out on the water and clear my head makes all the difference and my family will vouch for that.
“I wouldn’t be able to have the opportunities that I do without mission outdoors. Thank you for helping me get into a much happier place in my life. ”

“Mission Outdoors came along at the perfect time! After months spent recovering from a left leg amputation I found myself lacking purpose and direction. Mission Outdoors changed that.
“Seeing the passion the volunteers have in supporting disabled vets and meeting with other wounded heroes, like myself has renewed my passion for fishing and aided in my swift recovery.”