Mission Outdoors currently provides fishing and other outdoor adventures for American veterans. Additional future programming will include: Fishing, Team-Building, Marksmanship Courses/Range/Experiences, Skeet and Trap Shooting, 3D Archery Shoots, Social Gatherings, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Camping, Professional Service including resume guidance and more!

Every summer since 2009, anglers from across the Northwest have gathered in Westport, on the Pacific Coast, for the Washington Tuna Classic. For a full Saturday, teams compete to haul in the five biggest albacore tuna. Most combined weight takes the grand prize. Mission Outdoors is a primary participant and beneficiary of the Washington Tuna Classic. More than 150 Service Members and Veterans participate in the WTC and fish together for five days leading up to the main event.

The Washington Tuna Classic is an annual albacore fishing tournament that features dozens of anglers from across the Northwest. Held each year in Westport, Washington, the WTC is one of our most exciting annual events.