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Washington Tuna Classic

Liability Waiver

Release Waiver

This waiver must be signed by each member of a participating team

The undersigned will voluntarily be participating in the Washington Tuna Classic tuna tournament event. It is recognized that this is a not for profit volunteer event, and that each individual participating in the event is totally responsible for his own conduct and safety. It is further recognized that any organization or individual who participates in the event has no liability for the safety or the conduct of any participant. Each participant recognizes that there are risks and dangers involved in tuna fishing, including the risk of injury and drowning as the result of being on open water in the bay or ocean. Each individual assumes this risk and responsibility. Each participant will wear a life jacket or similar flotation device for his/her own safety. Whether or not the event itself occurs, each participant is responsible for their own decisions and agrees not to participate if they have reason to doubt their safety. The undersigned hereby releases and discharges any other participant from any liability, claim, loss or damage of any kind or nature arising out of or relating to the undersigned’s participation in this fishing tournament and specifically waives any right or claim which the undersigned may have against any other participant for any injuries, including loss of life, to the undersigned participant. It is further recognized that any fee paid is solely and exclusively for covering costs of prizes, donations, food and beverage associated with said tournament and for no other purpose.